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Who is MCP?

MCP is dedicated to helping our clients build a sustainable and integrated demand generation model to drive pipeline revenue and velocity. 

As a professional Sales and Marketing integrator, our key competencies are to help close the gap between Sales & Marketing Collaboration.

With strong B2B Sales and Marketing backgrounds, the MCP Team achieves this through a mix of Demand Generation, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics & Futuristic Technology that helps our clients to grow and at the same time maximise ROI.

Our expertise stems from our collective years of experience across APAC, and South East Asia.


How Can We Create Value For You?

We communicate directly with your target market and engage prospects with conscious conversations.

It’s through these conversations that we explore your prospects key pains, plans and priorities based on your companies offering.

We set primed appointments between your sales team and your next customer by identifying Hot Leads and Market Intelligence.

The Matt Cowan Prospecting Team

At MCP we hire the top 2% of talent in the market, each member of the team has a minimum of 6 years B2B Tele-Prospecting experience.

Combined with advanced technology (such as our ultra-reliable, crystal-clear Telstra international business line) we are the A-Team of B2B Tele-Prospecting Services.

What Makes Our Services Great?

We specialize in bridging the gap between Sales & Marketing collaboration.

In our experience, we’ve found that it’s just as important to find out why someone in your target market might not want your services as it is to find out why they do.

Our real-time intelligence includes Brand Perception, Customer Objections, Breaking News, Competitor Analysis, Industry Legislation and much more.