The Secret Techniques that all B2B Event Marketers Should be Using to Boost their next Event!

Running a successful B2B Event is no easy task, the amount of work, and preparation that goes into such a mammoth project can be huge. 


The Secret Benefit of Cold Calling that No One Talks about!

And So, it Begins!

Sitting at my desk, I was in a very confused state; how could anyone generate new business opportunities by harassing the hell out business people?


Selling is Believing! – Why You Can Only Sell What You Can Believe In!

I was young, inexperienced, and making a tonne of money; after my first month the pay cheque arrived, a whopping 7,000 pounds, this is awesome I thought, ‘I can really make this much money’. . .


The Invisible Structural Problems CRIPPLING Your Sales Teams Success!

Are you a business owner, or sales leader? by reading this article you will learn the following:


Sales People Never Fail, only Sales Managers Fail Their People!

Setting up your sales team with the correct knowledge and tools, can be the key to having successful and motivated employees that are also high performers.


I Made 250,000 Cold Calls…

Here is What I Learned 

Spending over 12 years in sales across multiple industries has certainly offered its fair share of wins and losses throughout my career.


Pick Up the Phone, and Start Dialing

– Top Tips to Get You Motivated to

   Cold Call.

Working in sales for over 12 years across multiple industries, pitching multiple solutions, making dial after dial, after dial, has certainly helped to improve my confidence over the phone, accept rejection, and ultimately get more sales.


The Little-Known Reason Why Cold Calling is twice as effective in 2018!

We are now in a new age of technology, with lighting fast internet speeds, and cloud based technology evolving at an alarming rate, tech start-up’s are popping up like fast food restaurants.


You Get One Chance, Make It Count!

So, It finally happened; your weeks of calling, leaving messages, and sending endless emails trying to reach a key C-Level Executive in your prospect organization. They answer the phone; but wait you freeze and say yourself “So what do I say, how do I make a solid impression”